E39: Drunken Debauchery

This episode we recorded from the Mardi Gras Masquerade Party which we had the pleasure of hosting! You will hear many different interviews with artists and guests, along with crazy drunk people causing havoc! Good music, levels of beers, pizza, bathroom breaks, & plenty debauchery is on the stage!


E38: TomTom

photo 2-2

Models, Boxing Rings, Vampires, Motown, Europe, and beyond are the things  “TomTom” lets you experience!! With our guest Tommy Bridgewater of The Groove Coalition sharing stories, music and humor, this episode was chill!

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E37: Red Panda

Red Pandas & Bonobos?! Breweries, stories, and Walmart fish?! Join us as we found out how all of these are connected and talk about exciting topics with Karina Del Cid and Meredith O.  Johnson! And…who’s the odd man out during this episode?!


Satin Love Sensations: Clean Your Sheets

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! This is a short 16 minute album of some Highly Romantic songs for you to enjoy on this day of Love! The Satin Love Sensations are a part of ChillEasy and we had a lot of fun creating these hilarious songs!


Cyrus Quaranta and Mondo Mike

Episode 35 – Studio 124

Time to get jazzy & tipsy with ChillEasy as we relax, and chat with 2 awesome guests, Cyrus Quaranta and Mondo Mike, about the Super Bowl, Pokemon, mardi gra, the worlds quietest room and get our geography mixed up in studio 124! Check it and spread it!

"You're Gonna Love Me"
by Moses West & ill Clinton

Episode 36: ILL and Mo Fever

Come get Wild with ChillEasy and their guests: ILL Clinton and Moses West! Talking Music, Olympics, “Snow”, Booty Painting, bit coins, and a whole lot more! Grab a drink, because this is one fever that will last  about an hour!


E40: Mid-Life Crisis

Come join us for a Mid-Life Crisis with Random radio voices, Random calls, Ace Ventura Quotes, robots, 300, toe, nails, & relaxation with satin love sensations!

K. Carter

Episode 34 – Special K

The Grammy’s, Twirling Pink, Miley-like Taylor Swift, Beyonce’s mom,  The Pro Bowl & a freestyle from Colin and our guest K. Carter?! What do they all have in common?? Get your hands on some Special K to find out!!

Damien Lamar and Dalton Stanley

Episode 33 – Intergalactic Aquarius

ChillEasy is back! And they’re taking you out of this world with the second episode of 2014!! Intergalactic Aquarius brings out new roots for ChillEasy. Topics and conversations from your kitchen oven, to the SuperBowl; along with New music from Damien Lamar & Dalton Stanley from Jacksonville, FL! And The Satin Love Sensations also make an intergalactic appearance! Come fly with us!

Hosted by Tom Oakley & Colin Chevry. ChillEasy is a talk show about Relaxation, Fun, Humor & Local Entertainment!